what is a retreat?

Retreats at Peace Village have two key components. They are:

1. Examination of some of the deeper truths about human nature. We work with the understanding that there is an energy of goodness within us, and that this increases or decreases according to our habits of thought and feeling. Knowing more about our selves, and how we function, gives us the power to think and act more positively.

2. Periods of silence in which to reflect on our higher feelings, values, and purpose in life. Peace of mind, intrinsic to all of us but easily lost when we become trapped in mundane concerns, is restored. This experience helps connect us to an unchanging and infinite source of love and truth.

The aim is to enable participants to recharge their own sense of well-being, and learn how to maintain this strength in everyday life. Lectures, workshops, pure vegetarian food, the beautiful grounds, and a peaceful atmosphere all contribute to the process.