Residential Reteats

During your stay…

  • Study practical aspects of spirituality through classes and workshops.
  • Discover new methods to handle life’s challenges.
  • Enhance or begin a meditation practice.
  • Appreciate time spent in solitude and silence in beautiful surroundings.
  • Enjoy the rejuvenating effects of a pure, serene, and spiritual setting with vegetarian meals.
  • Meet like-minded people on a similar journey.
  • Relax in comfortable rooms with private bath. All accommodations are shared.
The weekend will include sessions by experienced retreat facilitators on personal development, spiritual wisdom, and resolving problems through understanding spiritual knowledge. Topics are varied. Explore the beautiful grounds nestled high in the mountains of upstate New York. There are areas for solitude, personal study, and walks.

Peace Village also offers guests the opportunity to stay in a pure, serene, and spiritual environment where vegetarian diet and abstinence from alcohol and cigarettes are observed.

As well as meditation retreats, Peace Village also hosts retreats to serve a broad spectrum of society. Specific groups of professionals come to explore the meaning, relevance, and application of spirituality in their profession. They come from the fields of business, engineering, health, education, social services, science, psychology, and the media.


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