Travel to Peace Village

Map To Peace Village


Driving directions to Peace Village

Bus service to Peace Village

When buying your ticket to Peace Village you may do the following:

1.  The 2:00pm bus from Port Authority will bring you to Peace Village doorstep ….buy your ticket accordingly.

2.  All other trips should be booked to Palenville.

3.  Returns are also from Palenville, usually on the 11:14 am bus on Sunday.  

Please go to the following link or call this toll free number (1800.776.7548) for fares and schedules to Hunter, NY. Peace Village is located in Haines Falls…this does not appear on the schedule so you will have to call the toll free number for this destination, which stops at the Peace Village doorstep.

Train service to Peace Village

Taxi service to Peace Village

From Newark airport to Peace Village via New York

  • On the left side of each terminal you will find Olympia Trails Bus. You may take the bus to New York for either a bus or train connection to Peace Village.