Additional Information

Arrivals and Departures

On the arrival date for your retreat, please arrive between 5:00pm and 7:00pm. Please call if an emergency requires your late arrival (after 8:30pm) or cancellation. On the final day of your retreat, departures are at 11:00am unless stated otherwise.

Registrations and Cancellations

Register on-line at and await confirmation. Cancellations are requested at least 48 hours before arrival date. Please allow another interested person to take your place by informing us if you cannot attend.

Getting to Peace Village

Click here for directions.

Additional Offerings

If you live in the vicinity of Peace Village, we offer meditation classes and related programs. See for locations throughout the USA where meditation classes are offered.

For those who would like to spend additional time at Peace Village, we may offer a limited number of personal retreats based on staff availability. Please contact us for details.

Contributions at Peace Village

Since 1999, Peace Village has been serving thousands of people based on the principle of heartfelt volunteerism. In addition to the small full time staff of volunteers, a number of servers and facilitators travel here from far distances to support the weekend retreats by offering their time, energy, and skills.

During your stay, we provide you with meals: dinner Friday evening through Sunday breakfast. We make every effort to offer you a clean and comfortable room, to maintain our buildings and grounds, and to upgrade the facilities whenever possible.

Our founder, Brahma Baba, felt that there should not be a set cost for people to explore their spirituality. This principle adds to the positive energy and spiritual atmosphere that is found at Peace Village.

We do not charge a fee for our retreats, however, we welcome contributions to cover the cost for the use of the facilities for the weekend. People have been deeply moved by the spiritual gifts and insights they have received here, and express what they have gained through their generous contributions.

These contributions are used to sustain the ongoing and expanding operations and services of Peace Village. Contributions to Peace Village may be made by cash, check, and /or credit card. Please ask our staff for additional information about our suggested contribution for individuals and families. Your contributions to Peace Village are tax deductible.