New Beginnings Meditation Course

New Beginnings Meditation Course

To learn meditation means to bring more Peace, happiness and meaning into your life!  

Sometimes taking a meditation course can be experienced as a new beginning. We begin to feel fresh energy in our life,  are able to turn relationships around, and see the world with new eyes,  I realize that a new attitude increases my confidence, gives me motivation to take chances, and  makes the same world seem very  different. Learn to see and experience yourself filled with only positive energy like peace and love.  Bring happiness back in your life, no matter what is happening.  Establish and strengthen your relationship with The Source of all goodness.

Saturday Mornings-- 4 sessions- January beginning January 6 from 10:00-11:30am

February 4 sessions beginning February 3 from 10:00-11:30

(Attendance at all sessions is required because the sequence of knowledge builds with each class. If one of the dates is a conflict for you, an individually scheduled session may be possible.)
Meditation for our World

Meditation for our World

Spend time in the service of humanity!

Through meditation, spread the energy of peace, love and hope to our world.  Experience the benefit firsthand yourself.  
This evening will feature guided commentary,  music and silence, all enhanced through the power of collective meditation.
Open to all: the new and experienced meditator alike.


Group Meditation | Music | Guided Commentaries